June 23, 2006

Anyone out there ever heard of TiVo?  For many, that might be their first real experience with a Linux appliance as that is what is running TiVo.  I don't have TiVo, but I do have something that is running Linux right now.


That would be my Zaurus 5500 SL PDA which I use to type 99% of my blog posts.  I got a PDA because I couldn't afford a laptop and the Zaurus has become a real companion and fulfilling most of what I would use a laptop for.  It has a built-in Blackberry-like thumb-pad/keyboard which I've gotten good at using. 


Basically, I read and write documents using an Office knock-off called Hancom Word.  After writing this, I save it on either the SD or CF card.  Then I put it in the card reader on the computer and then I run it through a spell check and then post it using cut and paste.  Any Word documents (and some pdf documents) can be saved on the flash drive and then I can read them on the Zaurus. 


The Zaurus runs off of a simple Linux Kernel.  The screen looks and behaves just like a Windows machine, where the stylus enables one to use the touch screen.  It was this journey which has made me a lot less timid about trying out Linux on my PC.


 Sharp still makes a Zaurus and you can find one like mine on eBay for around $200.  More portable than a laptop, it has made it much easier to read and write blog entries on the couch, in bed, in the car or wherever.  It has become my #1 blogging tool.




  1. oh, that’s nice..

    well, so how’s battery life? and what apps do you have on your zaurus?

  2. Battery life depends on screen brightness. I can get about 3-5 hours on a good day, which isn’t bad for a battery that’s several years old. I just have the basic apps that came with it with the WP, SS and PPT viewer. There are a few more apps to be had and more accessories on eBay which is about the only place to buy these things nowadays. Still using it and still liking it!


  3. hehe, i see. i guess we have the same gauge on batteries. 😀

  4. […] discussed before how I often compose blog posts on my Zaurus and then transfer to a desktop for further editing […]

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