On Being a Noob

June 24, 2006

The purpose of this blog is to take a look at Linux from the perspective of someone new to it.  While I'm sure I have internalized some of the jargon and a bit of the technical stuff, I'm still pretty green at all of this.  I'm not into using command lines…at all.  Why the heck would I want to go back into the MS-DOS era of computing?


I'm also not going to be compiling code.  I'm a user of software, not a writer, programmer or compiler of them.  And I resent anyone who tries to get me to become one.  These are things the old Linux guard is going to have to give up if they want to free the world of MS tyranny.


A year ago, when I spooled up Mepis that first time at home, I had a few problems.


First, the display was wrong for me since I was using the same old moniter that came with our old 486 Wintel machine.


Once I overcame that obstacle, I discovered that getting online was going to be a challenge.  In fact impossible for the time being.  My modem is a Winmodem, meaning it derives most its being and meaning from Windows.  Mepis Linux had no idea where it was, what is was or anything.


So Mepis became something I kept and used at work mostly, especially when the hard drive as was crapping out or I really wanted and needed the tabbed browsing.


Yes, I looked for and found the chipset and even downloaded the Linuxant software and couldn't get that to recognize my Winmodem.  I was quite frustrated.  Keep in mind, I'm still running off the live CD and running with over 600Mb of RAM.


In addition, the Mepis 3.3 version does not support my new printer, which is an Epson CX 7800.  These are not small things, but I am persisting.  Why?  Because I may not have a choice soon.



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