Mystery Uncovered but Not Solved

June 29, 2006

I wrote about how my Windows XP OS was turning to crap because something was gulping big chunks of CPU out of my system on and intermittent (but constant) basis.  I had some idea that it had some to do with IExplorer, but wasn’t sure what.


Opening up the program manager (alt-ctrl-del) and looking at the system processes revealed the iexporer.exe was indeed eating away at my resources.  Sometimes it was listed more than once, even though I wasn’t using iexplorer.  I began googling around and discovered a few things:


  • – If I search for iexplorer on my machine, if it turns up anywhere but in the program file folder, it is some sort of malware/virus/trojan horse
  • -I have one in the prefetch folder.  When I delete it, it reappears
  • -Ending the process in the program manager makes it reappear in less than a minute 

I can sort of temporarily rid myself of it my by ending the explorer.exe process (which makes the desktop vanish) and then end the iexplorer process tree.  Then I can sort of browse around for my applications from the program manager.  It’s a pain in the ass, though.


Things that don’t work:

  • -Deleting the folder – it just comes back
  • -Adware SE – it doesn’t spot it, even from safe mode
  • – Symantec Antivirus – it has no idea it is there
  • – Using Fixit Utilities 5 to clean up registries and tweak everything: although this did help other things and seemed to minimize the overall effect
  • – Disabling all extensions and add-ons: This is what Microsoft’s little help page (after reporting the error about explorer crashing) suggested.
  • -Using the Restore feature: While I have several restore points, I have not been successful in getting any of them to work.  And now I can’t get back to any before June 1st.  The restoration feature is a nice idea, but I don’t know the last time I got it to work.

I found lots of other folks who were infected with this, but no one seemed to know how to get rid of it.


Yet another example how iexplorer is and has been an abomination since the thing was developed and added to each and every PC machine sold today.  And it can NOT be deleted.  I’m talking the browser not the virus.  There is some discussion that there might be more than one variant of the iexplore.exe virus in different folders.  Some are in the Win32 system folder, and mine happens to be in prefetch.


Any suggestions of removing this thing are most welcome.





  1. If you have a solution, please email me to huangzn1@yahoo.com, my computer also has this virus now and I can’t find anyway to get rid of it.


  2. Problem solved. Microsoft latest patch fix this security problem. Please update your XP as soon as possible.

  3. Thanks Harry! I DO hope you’re right and that it solves this problem.


  4. Hi Dick, Does it work for you?

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