My Modem Specs

August 19, 2006

Field    Value
Device Properties
Device Description    US Robotics 56k Fax Modem
Bus Type    PCI
Bus / Device / Function    1 / 9 / 0
Device ID    12B9-1008
Subsystem ID    12B9-00A2
Device Class    0700 (Serial Controller)
Revision    01
Fast Back-to-Back Transactions    Not Supported

Device Features
66 MHz Operation    Not Supported
Bus Mastering    Disabled
Courtesy of a little program called Everest Home Edition which I see has been discontinued.  I’m glad I got it when I did.  It is handy for people wanting to know exactly what it on their machines, hardware-wise.




  1. Hi Dick,

    With this information, what I got so far was:

    Using the Device ID and the pcidatabase I manage to get a little more info. Also, on the US Robotics website you can see that it is supported on Linux (well, somewhat supported. Red Hat 6.0 and above is not much, it is better than nothing). Then, with a little more digging I found out that you are not alone in this struggle… This guy seems to be having the same problem. The last message is dated 2005 so I guess the guy did not continue with is testing.
    On this page apparently some people seem to be happy with it, but I believe they are using kernel 2.4 (witch seems to work) and nowadays most distros came with kernel 2.6…
    Hum, this is getting interesting… Unfortunately now is a bit late (2 am) but I’ll try to get more info on this tomorrow.


  2. Hi Dick,

    Some more information. Apparently this guy managed to get it to work! Why not give it a try?


  3. Ok, I know you don’t like Ubuntu but as it is Debian based the instructions might work on Freespire or Mepis too.


    PS: Sorry for all the posts but I was getting more and more info as time went by… 🙂

  4. Rule of thumb – download the sources to wvstreams and wvdial and toss on a CD. I’ve yet to find a modem (non-winmodem) that wvdial can’t make using simple. Otherwise you may get a chicken-or-the-egg scenario on some (most) distros.

    It’s also handy to get binaries in as many formats as possible. And drivers to as many models… Call it the “make-that-friggin-modem-work” CD.

    And once a working connection exists, just fetch gnome-ppp for GTK+ DEs or write up a quick applet for the others.

  5. Thanks Paulo! I think I might be able to do something with that info. Keep in mind: until I get another machine (or until XP craps out) I’m unwilling to totally commit to ANY linux system at home until it works in liveCD mode. When I find a cheap older machine, then anything goes!

    And I may just get a serial modem thus dispensing with this nonesense entirely!

    Mike you’ve left a lot of good, interesting comments! Many of them flew right over my head!

    I know Linux is free, which is why I’m working and fiddling with it. If comercial software were giving me this grief, I’d try taking it back and then really raising a ruckus if I couldn’t! Am I being too picky? Am I asking too much? I dunno. But I am learning a thing or two so maybe that makes the experience worth it.

  6. I know it’s a headache at first. The thing is that Linux has a high and fast learning curve instead of the long but slow learning curve everything else has. Personally, I’d rather become a Linux expert in 3 months, than use Windows/MacOS for 3 months and have no idea about the internals.

    But, none-the-less, you have to admit there is a LOT of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt around Linux… admitting the faults is a good thing, but it’s hard to do it in a neutral fashion. And if it’s not neutral it tends to be a little emotional, and less rational, which just increases the amount of FUD. While I belong to the group who could care less how popular Linux is, as long as it’s fun and I can choose components that create something functional, I try to keep the hands of the Microsoft fighters less busy (personally, I like Microsoft but dislike Apple). Anyways, I tend to write things tongue-in-cheek, so I just hope I never offend anyone… tendency to be less than clear [although I know I didn’t offend your].

    Speaking of which, I’m sure neither Paulo nor I would mind it if you directly email us with questions. I’ve got a 9-system network at home, and I’ve been documenting the process of finding the “best fit” distribution for each, so I’ve garnered a bit of experience with a lot of Linuxes lately (and FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris).

    Just as a piece of advise, don’t touch anything that strives to be super-simple or like Windows or Macintosh. If you wanted that, you’d use Windows or Macintosh. And you won’t learn anything with super-simple installs.

    Oh, and if you want a LiveCD that works with dial-up, try the Gentoo one – it should have wvdial installed. Sure, you need to use the console for the dial-up portion, but the documentation is undoubtedly spectacular. That said, Gentoo is probably not for you as an actual Distro to use. It’s definitely niche market.

  7. Hi Dick,

    Mike is right when he says I would not mind at all if you email me with your questions. If you do not have access to the email we put in every time we write a comment, please let me know.

    I do understand where you came from because my wife expects the same from Linux as your wife does, and you too. I don’t really mind how popular Linux is however I do believe that at least some part off the community should work towards making it as easy to use as possible. That is why I support projects like Linspire/Freespire, Ubuntu or Mepis (just to name a few).

    My house is 100pc Linux and to archive that my wife needs to be able to use it with no hassle. Also, my daughter (that will be born in 5 weeks, please god) must be able to use it as soon as possible with the minimum hassle too! 🙂

    I enjoy Linux because of the freedom, the incredible amount of applications, and the security that it gives me. I know I can let my wife browse the web as much as she likes with no fear from viruses, ad-ware, spy-ware or porn dialers no matter what keys or buttons she presses, not to mention all the emails she receives with nasty attachments (pif files, what that?? 😀 ).

    The next steps will be my parents, but there the challenge is even greater as they leave an sea away. I cannot just get up and go to fix something. And when ever they get something new (like a printer or a scanner) it must work with no hassle.

    I feel freespire will be it… Either that or Mepis.

  8. i want to connect airtel micromax mmx 610u with vodafone or aircel sim, when i insert other sim card and try to connect, it ask to enter unlock code.
    plz help me to unlock it. . .

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