Mepis gets trashed

August 30, 2006

Okay, so I got on to Brent Roos about his claim that Windows was the best based on my experiences with XP crashing, freezing and doing goofy things that were not productive. Based on my experience, Linux was worth a look. I looked at several distros and Mepis seemed like a good candidate, but I went for the older version of 3.3.1 because it had more onboard software. It was older software, like Firefox 1.01 and Open Office 1.x but it worked and worked well on an older P3 550 Mhz machine.

Untiil today, when I was actually trying to get some things done. I might owe Mr. Roos an apology.

This morning, I logged in as usual and went to the bottom of my tool bar to get Firefox running. I clicked, the icon did its bouncy ball thing and then….nothing. Not a thing. I tried clicking again. Still nothing. Fortunately, Mepis included a back up in the form of Konquerer, which looks and runs like Firefox and that ran okay. Inconvenient but not a bad problem.

But when I tried to open an Office XP document, that was another story. Again, the icon bounced around and the hour glass in the tool bar spun. And then nothing. It wouldn’t open anything. Open Office wouldn’t work at all. THAT was very annoying!

So the two applications I used the most decided to crap out at the same time at work. Not fun AT ALL! I tried rebooting to see if that fixed it. I tried downloading updated versions of Firefox and Office but got nowhere in the installation.

So I decided to try Kpackage and Synaptic. I now see why people are so in love with the Windows install wizard. While I have successfully used these in the past, I seemed to be trying to do too much. I spent a huge amount of time updating and installing upgrades and updates.

I restarted, and found the tool bar totally missing and an error msg saying something about a soundserver crashing It was apparent after another restart that I was dead in the water. It was time. Past time, probably.

I backed up the few files I had as the desktop icons were still there and I could access the flash drive. The CD ROM wasn’t wanting to mount and there was some other error associated with that. I was crippled but good.

So I inserted the Mepis 6.0 live CD and decided to have a look-see. After the initial splash I went ahead to boot normal. Then I saw a login in the command mode with an option to login using a GUI by hitting ctrl-alt-F7. After trying the command line and having it hang up, I went for the GUI which worked better. The thing about switching distros every couple of months is kind of like moving every couple of months…you don’t acquire quite so much stuff if you know you’ll be moving again real soon. And so it is that I didn’t have much to back up, which is good since the CD burner would not even work.

So I’m back to live CD mode which is highly, highly annoying. Right now, everything is highly annoying. especially that stupid animated aquarium in the live CD tool bar!




  1. Hi Dick,

    Did you notice that Brent’s post was a hoax? 🙂

  2. At least one of those posts is a hoax. Being a Windows fanboy and being an Ubuntu fanboy is just about the same thing, IMHO. Every distro released this summer has made the same improvements as far as hardware compatibility. Ubuntu only stands out with respect to hype, not to innovation or quality. But I’ll listen to suggestions as to the contrary.


  3. Hmmm….

    You’re wrong. Because I say so.

    And on other topics, I’m now playing with BeOS! I missed the whole BeOS age, so I figured when I give a presentation I have to look uber-geekish. Linux? Too common. BSD? Already on the laptop in the form of Dragonfly. BeOS? Of course!

    Which I mention just to prove how right I am. 🙂

    On an aside, I was wondering if Paulo might know how strong Microsoft market dominance was in ’96. I figure that if Apple bought out BeOS in ’96 – which worked on PPC, then Apple would have had a worthy competitor to Win 98, and we might still have a “major” player in the market… and if there were two major market players, Linux wouldn’t have gained critical mass…

  4. lol

  5. Sounds like you need a change of pace and gentoo would be perfect for such a thing. Its a new perspective and after the initial setup many of the annoyances that occur with other distros fade away.

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