Desktop Update

September 13, 2006

Since the last post, I went ahead and gave Puppy Linux another go on my work machine. This is the machine that is presently running Mepis 6.0, after I replaced the hard drive.


Here’s another great review of the Puppy Linux Distro.


I gave it another whirl, because my regular Mepis login wasn’t working even though the ‘root’ account still works. I’m not sure if it’s just the old hardware or something buggy in the distro. I’m still using it, in anycase.


The biggest thing I like about Puppy is its raw speed. When you open the office-like application it opens within 2 seconds, max. And this is on a 550 Mhz machine so it isn’t dual core anything. For a light little distro it is pretty loaded.


The one drawback to me using it all the time is the fact it has no idea where to find the internet on the network. And it did not (unsurprisingly) locate my modem at home. The modem thing has been a persistent issue and I’m past being hung up with that although Puppy Linux has more support for modems than any other distro I looked at. But the fact that it couldn’t locate the connection at work was a novel experience. All other distros I’ve tested have had no problems with the ethernet connection, and neither did the reviewers linked to above. It was just odd. I may yet try to force the issue again, later on.


There’s a lot to like with this little distro, especially on older hardware. It makes it all seem new again and makes it run as well as machines several years newer. Linux, in general, does well with older hardware but one would be hard pressed to find another distro that does as well on flat-out speed.




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