Puppy Linux 2.10

September 15, 2006

Oh my.  This distro just keeps getting better!  I’m also getting better at finding my way around Linux.  I’m getting closer to finding my distro.  I can feel it.  And it might just be this one.  Stay tuned for a big shout out if this one makes the final cut.  We are in a third round of testing right now, with previous ones documented here and here.

One of the problems I had with Puppylinux the last 2 times out was it did not automatically detect my netwrok settings on my work machine.  After readinig another review, I had a better idea of what to look for.  The answer was right there; the network wizard.  As I said previously, Puppy has wizards for everything.  Windows users frequently complain about the lack of wizards in Linux systems.  There can be no such complaint here.  So now I am able to use this distro at work in a similar fashion as I’ve been using Mepis.

Version 2.10 is an upgrade from the previous version I had previously tested.  One thing I noticed was that this version seems to use a bit less RAM than previous versions.  Supposedly there is more modem support in this version.  From what I read, there might actually be support for my old Smartlink modem (which is a Win softmodem) as opposed to the US Robotics that I presently have on my home machine.  The good news is that the way Puppylinux runs, it is a viable alternative if I lose Windows or my hard drive.  With sufficient RAM (at least 128 Mb) a machine wouldn’t even really need a hard drive.  a flash drive would work just fine.  This is exactly what I intend on doing with a work laptop that I’ll be taking home this weekend.  It looks like it has a modem jack, so we might be able to conduct some business that way.

One of Puppy’s claims to fame is speed, which I have covered before.  But speed in program opening and execution is only part of it.  The first bit is the fact that Puppy boots faster from the CD than any other distro I’ve tried.  It boots faster than either Windows or Mepis from the hard drive.  With the ability to save my settings on a keydrive, the hard drive or a CDRW, there isn’t a real reason to run a dual boot system.  Having a partition to store settings, files and programs might be very useful, but this is not strictly necessary as thumb drives are easily large enough to handle most regular file saving chores and CD/DVDs can handle larger jobs.

It is worth a serious look for the nOOb, as well as the enthusiast.  There are many developer tools available for those who like tweaking around.  I like the way this distro runs.  I might have to do a thing or two to get it to look more like I would like it to look, but making it do what I want is the first job.




  1. Alright, alright, I’ll give it a go too! 🙂

  2. Well, I have a couple of interesting updates: One, it had no idea what to do with the laptop’s modem. No surprise there. Pleasant surprise: it *does* play commercial DVDs “out of the box!” That’s a major tick in its favor.

    I also broke down and ordered an external modem from eBay. For $20, if it can eliminate the biggest headaches of getting online it’s worth it.


  3. I can’t wait to know how that went.
    I still remember (and the web too) that I promised your money back in case it does not work, so I really need to know! 🙂

    PS: Can you please confirm if you have access to the email addresses posted here? Thanks!

  4. Yes, I do have access to the email addresses (and web URLs if given) from comments….just not while I’m at work! So I’m not a very good or reliable email penpal, FWIW.


  5. try goblinx liveCD, i have found it quite useful and its slaxlike, after reading your review im gonna go get Puppy

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