So Much for That

September 22, 2006

Last night, I spent a couple of hours on the laptop with my new serial, external Linux-friendly modem.

Unfortunately, I never did succeed in getting the connection to work, despite using both Puppy and Mepis.  Puppy did eventually get the number dialed but for some reason was not able to bridge the final connection.  So…

I’m going to hook that thing into my Windows machine and see if it works on there.  If Windows handles it, I’ll be thinking the Linux totally sux.  If not, then I’ll think that my modem might be defective, which is possible.

But that is the short version of an update for now.  More later when I either get more time or get the thing working like I want.



  1. Hum… that is very strang. Please let us know.

  2. That IS odd. After hearing about Puppy I tried him out on my laptop. He played nicely with my ethernet card, and even told me how to get my notoriously incompatible Broadcom wireless card working properly.

  3. Linux sucks.

    Try Solaris.

    Linux rocks.

    🙂 Yep, I just converted my local file server (I call him “The Effigy of SIN”).

    Actually, it’s not too hard to test out a modem connection using pppd.

    BTW, I don’t suppose you are lucky enough to get Line-of-Sight wireless signals with a directional antennae?


    P.S. Konq seems to act funny with your site. All mouseovers in the left pane are reported 1em below their location.

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