The Mystery Might Be Solved

October 9, 2006

When I last posted, I was still all bent up and frustrated over not getting my modem to work.  In fact, I have discovered that my modem does work with Puppy Linux, PCLinuxOS, MEPIS and even Ubuntu.  for some reason, the SUSE DVD did not want to even boot, so I have no idea what is up with that.  The Ubuntu CD made an awful racket like it wasn’t properly seated in the drive, but it still worked…well as much as it ever did.


The problem is that my ISP is AT&T and they use proprietary software in order to dial in.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  In fact, none of my fellow nerds thought of it.  It is true that these past months, the modem itself was the bane of my Linux existence. However, the past few weeks, it is the ISP.  And switching all of my email accounts, and getting a new ISP just isn’t in the cards at the present time unless I go broadband.  But not yet.


However, AT&T does happen to have a few Linux users and I was able to get on one of the newgroup/user groups and learned something new. 


When I signed up for my AT&T account, they issued me a NETWORK username and password.  These are not the same as when I log in and type what I think is my username and password.  They were something like 58689614326326767@worlnet.att.net as a username and “corfligery-midget” as the password.  I can not alter or change my network name and password as the ATT computers use this to tell if I am who I am when my computer calls theirs.  All this time, I was typing in “dickdalton@att,com” and “ubuntusucks” thinking that was really my username and password.  The modem actually dialed in, said hello to the ATT computer which promptly hung up on me once it realized that it had no idea of who I was.  


I have not had a chance to test this out to see if this information actually gets me online.  There is an AT&T WURD document or two telling how to get online with Linux that consists of typing in numerous commands in the command line and editing certain other files; clearly outdated and beyond my level of technical expertise.  Editing a configuration file may still be called for in my future, though, if I really want to get this thing to work. 


I’ll keep plodding along and documenting this journey.  But I thought it only fair to let you folks who said the serial modem should work know, so you didn’t think you were crazy! 




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