October 10, 2006



After however many months of trying to bend Linux to my will and do my bidding, namely trying to get online, I have finally done it.  Using Puppy Linux 2.10 to get this crippled laptop working, I am coming to you LIVE!

Sort of live, anyway.

The difference was,  in fact, what I said suring my last post; the AT&T proprietary software that only works with Windows had some information I had to dig out of it.

It still took a few rounds to get Puppy to play nice with my modem but hopefully that battle is behind me.  Thanks to the three of you following my trials tribulations and escapades with getting connected at home, which is such a key thing.  While I got every distro to work at work, I had other things to do at work like…you know…work!

Now I’ll have to see what I can get this puppy to do.  I still want WINE to work because quite frankly, Linux games suck.  Frozen buble can be sort of addictive, but I’m more partial to RTS games although frozen bubble can be addictive in its own way.




  1. How did you get around the ‘proprietary AT&T sortware that only works with Windows’ issue and connect your PuppyLinux box to the internet?

  2. I went in and looked up my NETWORK ID and password. This is not the same ID and password I use to check my email online or even to log in. I think I right clicked on the logo and looked at detailed properties or something. Anyway, the ppp program Puppy uses was able to dial in and once it gave the AT&T computers the network ID and password, it was okay and it let me use their server. I suspect there are similar issues with other carriers, but I really have no idea.

    It is just nice to have that worked out.

  3. Fair play to you Dick!
    I new you could do it! 🙂 You are getting into the spirit of Linux, by letting other people know how you solved your problem.

    I am very happy for you.

  4. Well, so far blogging, email and web surfing are all I’ve really done with the thing. And this is better than nothing, for sure. But it is still a long way from replacing my XP box or even functioning as a substitute. It’s just kind of a back-up.


  5. Hum… I replaced all my Window$ instalations at home for Linux. Everything erased. For games, I use my PS2 that is better then any MS machine! 🙂
    For the rest I find Linux not only much more reliable but also much less expensive, considering the amount of applications installed and what I can do with them.
    Also, I am free to do what I want with my machines, they NEVER get too old, as even the oldest one (100mhz, 32mb ram, 256MB disk) works as a mp3 player, picture displayer and webserver. Running Linux, of course!

    Window$ backup? On my case, no way! 🙂

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