Linux to the Rescue Again

November 9, 2006

 And this time it wasn’t because I was screwing around with anything!

Something died on another of my new machines,  (Not the one I screwed up with the attempted dual boot) so I spent a half day working on that.  It would not boot at all, even with a live CD.  That’s when you know you have a major screw-up.  So I took new machine #3 out of the box.  However Mr. Khan has not had any of us installed as users yet, so I’ve been using Puppy Linux just to my Paraeducators can check email and surf the web.


And since they’ve been using it they can barely tell the difference.  They do kind of know something is different, but by and large they have not complained or anything.  While all of them have a computer at home with access to the internet, NONE of them are using Firefox.  So when it comes to tabbed browsing, they have no idea what they are missing.  I think this is the sad state of affairs as folks have placed all of their trust in Microsoft.   Anyone who has never used anything else (which is most people) have no idea of how inferior their stuff really is.  I showed one of them how to get around a bit in tabs and she became an instant believer and convert. 


So Linux is operating again pretty much full-time in the classroom, but it is decidedly doing lighter duty than I put my machine through.  Still, there are 4 different adults using this one machine and it seems to be working for all of them.  I try to tell them about the OS they are using and their eyes just sort of glaze over.  They are just not all that interested.  They just like the fact that it works.  I think they represent more typical users who have modest needs, and Puppy Linux pretty much fits the bill for anything these 4 are going to to.


I, OTOH, do have more extensive needs because I’m creating instructional materials using specialized software packages.  WINE is supposed to work but I have yet to get a copy of it installed and working. 





  1. Hi Dick,

    What distro and version are you trying to install WINE into?

  2. Puppy 2.10 is my current favorite. I know WINE would complicate it and make it run tons slower, but I have apps that absolutely need Windows to run.

  3. If you’re having problems, can we have the URL to the post in the forum, or the mailing list, that you posted the problem to?

    Just so, y’know we can try our hand at it. WINE problems are fun… 😛

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