Mepis v Freespire

December 20, 2006

I had a task that I thought might be just the thing for a Linux distro.  My wife, Jane, is an avid picture-taker.  She nakes millions of digital pictures.  Millions and billions.  And she is over running our hard drive with all of her pictures of tress, butterflies, fish and kids. Mostly kids.  So we are trying to move them off, archiving them.  She has over 100 CDs crammed with pictures.

In the past, Windows has had issues with simply putting data and pictures on to a DVD.  In the past, I found it easier to burn files on to a DVD using Mepis and the K3b burning program.  In fact, it’s what I used to burn the iso images of Mepis 6.0 and Freespire 1.01.  Te problem today seems to be the media that I’m using.  My 8x burner is not liking the 16x media which is about all you can find in stores nowadays.  I’m looking into a firmware upgrade but in the meantime I still wanted to move Jane’s pictures.

Mepis 3.3.4 was the version I tried first since that is where I had the most success before.  Later versions of Mepis don’t put the drive icons right on the desktop like I like which is why I opted for this seemingly ancient distro.  When Mepis failed to do the job, I decided to boot up Freespire.

I had just found my misplaced copy of this distro and decided to give that a try.  Being newer, I thought there might be less issues.  Turns out that it didn’t like my media either.  However running these two distros in succession gave me a better feel for how both of these work.  And I came away feeling better about Freespire.  Jane was watching me and I could tell that the Freespire interfave was something she could deal with a lot easier than the Mepis interface.  It just “felt” better.

Both of these were run in Live CD mode and took quite awhile to boot up and took time to execute some commands.

So I’m going to spend $30 and get a new 16x burner as well as some 8x DVDs.  The old burner will be reserved for a second machine I’ll be putting together one piece at a time and Freespire just might be the OS I decide to use.  Heaven knows I won’t be buying Vista or XP!

In other news, I just tried to install WINE on my puppy machine (9.22 I think) and it still crapped out when I tried to configure the sound.  So that is a source of irritation.  I might like to play a game or two while Jane is fiddling with her pictures!  Something more sophisticated than frozen bubble.



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