Uber Geek

January 10, 2007

Apparently I am now an uber geek.  It’s true!


Don’t believe me?  Read this article that linked to my Ubuntu/AOL article!


Hahahahaha!  You know, if I were you (meaning the REAL uber geeks) I’d be kind of pissed!  Who knew that all one had to do was criticize Ubuntu to get to wear that label?!?


I apologize to those of you who have had to work several years and maybe even decades in order to earn your status.  Especially the UNIX folks who legitimately deserve uber geek status.  I’m beginning to think you guys will forever be shafted by popular computer culture. 



I’ll accept Honorary Uber Geek, but this is hardly a title I have worked hard enough to deserve.





  1. You see Dick? That’s what you get when you talk bad about Ubuntu! Shame on you! Ah ah ah ah.
    So, by the comment you posted on the original article, am I a Uber Geek?


  2. Hold your horses, guys. My article wasn’t a slam on Dick. It was addressing a large portion of the Linux community that I believe dislikes K/Ubuntu for the wrong reasons. I linked your article because I thought it was interesting, and it was one of a few that actually gave reasons as to WHY it’s believed to be overrated, and not just some anonymous “it’s lame.” I welcome your comments, but please don’t think it was a poke at you.

  3. Umm, Paulo, let’s just say I have a long way to go to get to where you are. The only reason I can say I use Linux every day is because I use the Zaurus pretty much daily. But that’s hardly running a Linux network.

    Jim, you could have linked a few other sites to support your claim that a large number of anti-Ubuntu statements lack support. In fact, you really never supported your thesis with *any* real factual analysis. Tell me why Ubuntu is better than any other distribution that came out 6 months before or 6 months after Dapper Drake. I’m listening. Or reading, as it were. You do have a pretty cool blog, BTW. Welcome to the blogroll!


  4. I honestly can’t give any factual reasons as to why it’s better or not than any other distribution, because it’s all about personal preference. The point of my post was that Kubuntu has been the best distro I have tried, and it has worked great for me. The other ones I tried didn’t meet my expectations or give me the usability that I really needed. Sure there may be better distros than Ubuntu, but it’s working for me, so why bother looking at something else? Is Ubuntu starts giving me problems that I just don’t want to deal with, I may look for an alternative. As it stands however, I’m alright where I am. I have a problem with people saying it’s overrated because it’s just not. IMHO, most people who say it is, do so because they prefer a different distribution or secretly don’t like the idea of Linux becoming “mainstream.”

    I do agree that it might get a little annoying ALWAYS seeing people promoting Ubuntu without giving alternatives, but the worst that could happen is the marketing creates a larger user base that contributes to the future growth of Ubuntu.

  5. One reason why Linux works is because of all the choices, and clearly not every choice works for everyone. Ubuntu sort of lead the way by virtue of being visible and available and for that we can all be grateful. Ubuntu has been #1 on Distrowatch since it came out. Why? There is no area that it excels in! Therefore, I have to stand by my statement that it is overrated, meaning it gets more airtime than it deserves.

    I intend on putting it to the test though, to see how Ubuntu stacks up in the eyes of real newbies who have no dog in the race.


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