Another Example of How Ubuntu Hurts Linux

January 17, 2007


As if I needed to say it again, one more time


I’ve been carping all over Ubuntu, not because it is that bad of a distro, but because it hardly represents the best, easiest or fastest distro.  Read this article by yet another disgruntled user who tried Ubuntu and walked away feeling cheated, saddened and frustrated by all of the problems with Linux.  Read the title of the article:


“I tried Linux and was very disappointed” (Emphasis mine)


THAT is the problem, and the reason why Ubuntu gets totally, totally on my very last nerve.  Ubuntu is NOT Linux any more than AOL is the internet!  It is an overhyped distro that absolutely damages the reputation of Linux and what it has to offer.  That brown shit of a distribution turned yet another frustrated XP user into a more frustrated ex-Linux refugee!  He ain’t coming back because he’s going to buy a Mac, and I say bully for Apple! 


The bright spot is that Linux is always improving with each new distro and each new version.  This is what makes open source work because things can move along more quickly.  Vista is just barely going to be out there on the edge, and in a year or less there will be a new Linux to surpass it.  Maybe not in every respect, but there will be some competitive choices.


This is why I like reading Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols, because he gives a very realistic view of what Linux needs to do to pick up more users.  Read his article for some major problems that still need to be worked out in the Linux world, and why Ubuntu is a very poor choice for people that are new to Linux.





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