Puppy 2.15: WOOF! WOOF!

April 12, 2007

While working on CrossOver, and getting discouraged, I began looking around for Linux games. I have another upcoming post on that, but I’ll tell you right now it’s not very good news.


However, I do have something new and cool to share in the world of Linux and as far as I know I’m the first to do it. How cool is that? Your first review of Puppy 2.15CE.


As you may or may not know, I sort of fell in love with Puppy 2.10 as it was the first distro that I got to actually work with a modem to get me online. It’s actually the only one, since I quite searching once I found this lean, mean little distro to be so complete and fast. It loads and runs totally in RAM which makes it blazingly fast compared to anything else. It had kind of a retro look, looking a lot like a Win9x desktop, but it had all the modern applications needed at only 65 MB.


When I found that 2.15CE was released I was expecting a few minor upgrades. However I saw the file size had grown to 130 MB and was curious. I downloaded it to my flash drive and then used my MEPIS machine to burn the CD. Then I started it up.


OMG! This thing looks SO cool! It has the look, feel and heft of any of the so-called “full-distros” that are out there. After just looking around, I was totally inspired. I wanted to do something I had never done on this blog before, which is take some screen shots. And handily enough, in the graphics menu there is a screenshot application just for this purpose. How cool is that?


So here you go, the first ever screen shot on this blog, and as far as I know, the first ever screen shot of Puppy Linux 2.15CE:

Blank screen

I think clicking on it makes it bigger.

This is an amazingly handsome screen, but of course you can make it look like anything you want.

And here is a shot of the menu screen:


Puppy 2.15CE is a powerful distro, made for nOObs like me. It has a dozen or so installation wizards as shown here:

Wizard Wizard

I’ll give you one more capture of the media utitility in action. I’ve always liked this this application to keep track of all that is mounted and not mounted on my system(s):Media utility

Puppy Linux 2:15CE is a distro that can do a lot in a small package. I tried it on two different machines and noticed that it adjusts to however much RAM space it has. It is definitely faster in the machine with 320 MB but was also able to run in the machine with 190 MB.

I’ll be looking at it and playing with it a lot more, but the first impression is definitely that this is a winner. It is heftier than 2.10, so it might be moving a bit out of the realm of liberating older machines, but on my 550 MHz P3 it seemed very comfortable and functional.

There are tools for adding on to it but it has everything the full-sized outfits have right out of the box.    Office can be added for those who need/want that application and The Gimp is the other application notably left off.  This distro is definitely worth a look for all Linux newbies and longtime fans alike.  It is made for the novioce user but has many, many applications that make this a functional distro for all but the most sophisticated of folks.   And even they will find something to like, here.




  1. This linux is very speed up in my pentium 3 550mhz – 256mhz.

    very cool linux.

  2. Which desktop manager are you using gnome, kde, xfce, other?

  3. Window manager looks like IceWM, possibly JWM.

  4. is that which icon packege?
    looks very beautiful

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