Just a short update

June 28, 2007

My windows machine is acting up. Mainly, it shuts down at odd and random times. I’ve installed all the updates, including the WGA DRM thing, and it it still acts up. Chances are that the power supply is flaking out.


I had a chance while on vacation to play around with a couple of other machines. My mother has a machine newer than mine, but it wouldn’t boot from the CD without fiddling with the bios. I’ve changed the boot order of enough machines that it’s no longer a big deal but it was a chore to figure out how to get into the setup menu!


The major task while on vacation was to read and download pictures from my Intel Pocket Web Camera. While I had the software with me, it does not work with XP as it was produced during the Win98 days. So it seemed that using Puppy to grab those photos would be just the thing. Unfortunately, Puppy was no better at recognizing the camera than XP. I actually ended up downloading software to make the camera work with XP. Then I just put the pictures on my Lexar Firefly thumb drive to take home.


I must say, I have never encountered a machine that had problems reading the Firefly. At 256 MB, it isn’t the biggest by any means. However, I have used many different flash readers with many different OS’s on many different machines and the Firefly consistently performs the most reliably. Others are fickle, especially with XP, while Win98 is often unable to read them at all without special installation software.


Linux does a fair job of detecting most types of flash media and is less fussy about which USB slot you plug the thing into. XP likes you to plug a particular flash into a certain plug all the time. However it was XP and not linux that was able to eventually work with my primitive digital camera.







  1. I think you already know this, but for the Intel Pocket PC Camera, model CS630…

    If “lsusb -v” reports vendor ID of 0x8086 and product ID of 0x0630, you need the SPCA5xx drivers. They’re in Debian/Ubuntu and Gentoo.

    Camorama is a good (if unstable) webcam viewer if you are into the GNOME side. MPlayer/Mencoder works well if you know the CLI commands for them. KDE has got… something, somewhere (I just use Camorama anyways).


  2. Oh, and in addition, it would seem (from http://www.teaser.fr/~hfiguiere/linux/digicam.html) that the Pocket PC Camera (CS630) is supported by gphoto2 [>2.1.4] with backend pccam300

    In addition, the gPhoto2 page’s supported models mentions it too “Intel Pocket PC Camera” (EXPERIMENTAL)

  3. … clicked submit accidently …

    So, you should be able to read stored images using:

    konqueror [using the kamera:/ KIO-slave]



    Of them all, it would probably be easiest to use either gtkam under Puppy, or gphotofs in general (so you can just use the file manager to access them) using a user fstab mount (or if you’re as lazy as me, set up AutoFS with a timeout, say ~20sec, so it has on-demand mount/unmount).

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