PCLinux 2007 WINS!

March 19, 2008

I took a big risk repartitioning and installing MEPIS 7.0, risking the beloved XP operating system.  But XP did and still does survive.  But it is no longer the operating system of choice on the family desktop.  Neither is Mepis.

The downfall of Mepis began after I reviewed and tried PCLinuxOS.  But I was hesitant to go through another installation and risk losing everything again or a corrupted MBR like I have suffered before.  What finally toppled Mepis from favor was the fact that it only wanted to recognize and “see” its own partition and none of the other hard drives or partitions. I was trying to move some files from my wife’s Mepis desktop and it would not only not read those other hard drives, but gave me fits about moving the files to a USB drive.  What put the nail in the Mepis coffin as it would not even recognize a floppy drive.  That was the end of that.  I had no such problems with earlier versions of Mepis and not sure what caused this glitch.  But Mepis was on its way out as it was, and it just gave me a ready excuse.  This is the double edge of having distros obtained so freely and installed so easily; instead of muddling through or trouble shooting, I canned the thing and put on the distro that “just works.”

And it just does.

The machine: @2001 Celeron 1.8 Gz with 612 RAM with XP home.  HDa = 40 Gb, HDb = 127 GB + 40 Gb (linux) + 20 Gb unclaimed space.

The family: 1 6 yr-old (kindergarten)  1 9 yr. old (2nd grade) and one wife (college graduate)

My wife is relatively new to computers, but thanks to her husband has some experience with Mac OS 7, Win95, Win98 and Win XP and recently Mepis 7.0 and now PCLinuxOS 2007.

All members have successfully learned to use and enjoy the new family OS.  My wife probably has the biggest adjustment, as she still uses XP to play spider solitaire and do editing with her pictures.  However with Picasa downloaded and installed (she was using this on XP) this should be a small matter.  I’ll have to download spider solitaire or some open source variation.  Otherwise she is perfectly pleased with PCLinux.

The two kids could care less what the operating system is.  They like visiting the Disney website and fiddling around with Google Earth and that’s all they care about.  They still like to play a few games occasionally, but mostly they are content with online activities.

And this brings up a very important point, when discussing the digital divide.  When it comes to school-aged kids, computer and online access can mean a world of difference in terms of  school performance.  The state of Georgia is offering practice versions of their state mandated tests online.  Those kids without computers will be left behind and continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the new modalities of learning that the digital age is offering.  A computer is as necessary nowadays as paper, pencil and a calculator.  Those who do not have computers in their homes are being given the mathematical technology equivalent to a slide rule!

Linux offers an opportunity for schools and businesses to offer their old PII’s and PIII’s to these disadvantaged youngsters instead of clogging landfills.




  1. This is exactly why I run PCLOS on all of my computers. It just works!!

  2. It’s a pity that MiniMe 2008 isn’t working that well for me! On my wife’s (pretty old) IBM laptop PCLOS 2007 runs smoothly, while PCLOS MiniMe 2008 and Gnome Edition both hang up during startup, leaving the caps-lock led blinking undefinitely, and nothing more.

  3. Yes, I use PCLinuxOS 2007 on these systems – 1 x 64 dual core 6000 AMD, 1 x 64 bit AMD, 1 x 32 bit AMD at work, and an Intel 32 Notebook, all with great success. I don`t have any MSoft systems at all now.

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  5. Check out Pysol for your wife:
    “PySol is an exciting collection of more than 200 solitaire card games.”

    > PCLOS MiniMe 2008 and Gnome Edition both hang up during
    > startup, leaving the caps-lock led blinking undefinitely,
    > and nothing more.

    Thats a sign of a kernel panic, meaning something is going wrong at boot time. A new kernel is likely the (not-so-easy) fix. 😦

  6. Getting PC’s and software to these disadvantaged kids (and adults) is a big step forward. But we also need to ensure that all Americans, regardless of income level or location, have access to affordable high speed Internet. That is the goal of the Communications Workers Of America with their project Speed Matters. Check out our website at http://www.speedmatters.org for more information.

  7. These dudes ought to find a less aggressive name for their distro.

  8. Interesting you say that

    >kids without computers will be left behind and >continue to be at a disadvantage…

    Just the other day I was watching a TV documentary according to which computers can actually, depending on the circumstances, work against learning. Kids time with computers should be monitored and limited to a certain amount of time per seating. And actually, the studies found that the “paper and pencil” way of learning is still very important for a childs learning process. The key is balancing the “tecnological way” with the “old school way.”

    Great post, by the way.


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  10. GNOME Games comes with Aisleriot (http://library.gnome.org/users/aisleriot/stable/) which offers at least three variations of Spider, and about 80 other solitaire games.

  11. j8ust gonna try it
    wait for me. let me see how it looks

  12. so why not Ubuntu? just curious..

  13. I have growing respect for Ubuntu, and if I were more into office applications than home, it would be the distro of choice. As it is, PCLinux has many more of the apps that I want either out of the box or via synaptic. It is a more kid -friendly distro,as my 9 and 6 year-old have enjoyed it.

    Having said that, Mandriva’s latest release with the parental controls has me very intrigued.

  14. After reading the WOWs here yesterday, and now commenting from PCLOS!

    In terms of

    1.)Easy Installation with Grub (USB option a no-no though)
    2.)Drivers Ok (boot/w nonfb, normal boot can’t save dsl)
    3.)Fast Boot time
    4.)Stable enough to reboot back to same
    5.)Common Apps, Firefox, utube and Synaptic ready.

    No hardware woes for now.

    PCLOS is the only Linux OS that does the above with relative ease! (Running on cool Beryl 3D desktop effects)

    Thanks Dick!

  15. Yup!! pclinuxOS 2007 is my operating system of choice. it now officially replaced xp as my preferred os. No difficulty in its use due to its user friendlyness. nice review.


  16. […] trying to grab a headline or an audience, but I do feel an obligation to at least blog this distro. PCLOS 2007 had totally won my household over when we tried it. Since that time, it became the main distro of the family computer as well as the linux that my wife […]

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