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Building a Linux Desktop?

April 13, 2013

For the past 3 years, I have been happily running some version of Linux on my home laptop and almost NEVER switching to the Windows side.  For most of that time, I ran Ubuntu installed with Wubi.  And it worked great ans still ran faster and used less resouces than Windows.  I highly recommend this route for anyone squeamish about making partitions.  I finally went ahead and carved out a real partition for Ubuntu 12.04 just because I wanted Ubuntu to have much more space.  It still involves some buggy steps to go back and forth to Windows, because of nvidia issues.  But right now I rarely have to switch.

I present work for the largest virtual school outfit in the country and they are married to Windows.  Everyday while working I am reminded of why I love Linux.  But with no substitute or Outlook compatible program in Linux, I too am married to Windows for work.  But my work laptop is proving to be anemic on power.  So I want to build a desktop that can run Linux and Windows with a minimum of fuss.

One of the biggest complaints about Linux is that there are hardware vendors who do not support Linux or that there are problems with linux.  So it stands to reason I would start out with Linux-compatibility in mind and then get Windows to play with that, instead of the opposite which most people seem to do.   Living totally without Windows is not an option at the moment.

SO, which of the latest components are going to work?  Is there a particular brand that is more Linux Friendly Like Acer, Asus, HP?  Or does it depend?

I’ve never used VMware or anything like it before.  Would that be the best way to integrate Windows and the associated Office products on my new machine?