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New Need: Streaming TV Shows

February 23, 2008

So my PC is acting up and is getting infected (and later cleaned up) at an astonishing rate.  I would really, really like to leave Windows for games and assorted picture/video work and not have it on the internet at all.  But I recently discovered that I can watch my favorite TV programs online.  ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX are all offering selected shows and episodes online, some of them in HD programing.  HD is not a big issue for me at present.

I recently tried cruising in using a MEPIS 7.0 live CD and discovered, to my dismay, that the ABC site does not have streaming available for  Linux.  The have it for Mac and Windows Firefox but not Linux.  what is up with that?  I did email them my feedback but haven’t heard anything.  that’s the latest thing that keeps me on a Windows machine.  Trust me, if I could go without it, I would.

I notice that while the programming does not show up, the commercials come through just fine.:-/  What is up with that?!?

With more applications and content being delivered over the web, it will help to loosen more users from the grip of Microsoft.  But if I’m watching stuff with Firefox, why can’t I watch streaming content regardless of the OS?

As it is, I am tired of playing nursemaid to this old Windows machine.