Machines I Use

Here is a list of machines I commonly use and what I use them for. When writing a review, I’ll just refer to the name of the machine and you can see what it is.

Laptop Alpha
Dell Vostro 1500
Dual boot XP (175 G)/Mandriva 2008(60 G)
Intel core duo 1.60 GHz
250 G HDD

Main tasks: All-around go-to machine for wireless internet (blogging, youtube), simple video editing/uploading, photo editing/organizing, iTunes/music, Stepmania/Frets on Fire, watching DVD movies

Desktop Bravo
Re-built eMachine @ 2003
Dual boot XP/Mandriva 2009
640 MB RAM
1.8 GHz
30 G HDD (XP)
200 G HDD (40 for current Linux Distro)
Dual optical drives: 1. DVD/CD player 2. DVDRW 8x
TV tuner card
Firewire/USB 2.0 card
Internet via ethernet/cable modem
Hooked to CX2800 all-in-one Epson printer

Main tasks: This is the main family machine and has done everything including gaming for the kids, video editing, converting VHS to DVDs, office tasks, any and all internet tasks. This is the machine I would like to keep alive via Linux.

Laptop/Desktop Charlie
HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop
Dual boot XP/Ubuntu 9.04
Intel core duo
100 G HDD

This is my wife’s computer, given to her by her dad who had someone give it to him after the screen was broken. We simply hooked it to a external monitor and use it aqs a desktop. It’s biggest chores are photo editing (Wife is HUGE into photography) and basic web surfing via wireless card.

Work Desktop Delta
XP Professional SP3
Dual core 2.4 GHz
75 G HDD

Main uses are general work tasks via web, grading applications via local network. The machine is under IT lockdown, so many times I resort to portable apps or a portable distro in order to access a needed application such as Google Picasa, Google Earth or Camstudio. Most times, I’ll just use laptop Alpha when I really need to get stuff done but will occasionally test a linux distro on this machine.

Desktop Echo
256 MB RAM
550 MHz
10 G HD

I was given this machine by our IT person, Mr. Genghis Khan, who said I could do with it as I pleased since there wasn’t anything to it he could use. I plan on testing some light distros on this machine and either let my kids use it or give it to someone who just needs a basic surfing machine.


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